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The Former Horses Page is dedicated to the many horses that I have trained, owned, or competed on of the years that now have a new home. Below you can find out all about these great horses. We pride ourselves on having clients for life. These horses go to homes of people that we consider friends and we are always very pleased to hear about how well these horses are doing with their new owners.

Below you will also find a few horses that I've had in the past that treated me very well and who I had special bonds with that have since gone to that eternal pasture. I feel very blessed to have had these horses play such an important role in my life and career. It is because of all of the horses in my past that I am where I am today. Not enough can be said about them. J-Squared Barrel Horses is all about our equine partners and I hope this page gives you a little insight into mine...

Diamonds and Pita are here for now, but expect to see many more in the future....

COMING SOON: Rio, Rowdy, Mona, Zorro, Sissy, Taz, Dollar, Baby Blue, Salty Joe, Jane, and many others...



Collecting Diamonds AKA “Diamonds”
2002 Bay Gelding
Owner: Shelly Weaver


In May of 2008 I met Shelly Weaver when she was a student of mine at a clinic.  Little did I know our relationship would grow into her becoming one of my best friends and one of my biggest supporters, God has a funny way of bringing people into your life that enrich it!  In February of 2009 while we were at Ft. Worth I mentioned to Shelly that I had the 'perfect' horse for her when she was ready to buy a new one.  Shelly wasn't in the market to buy or was I in the market to sell but I knew that Diamonds perfect fit was Shelly.  Over the next month Shelly and I talked back and forth about Diamonds.  In passing we talked about his personality, how he ran and what he was like to be around daily. Shelly came down to help her step-daughter, Brooke, buy a horse from me, Pita (see below).  When Shelly was here I asked her if she would like to ride Diamonds, she casually accepted to get some 'instruction' while she was here.  It was a match made in heaven from the start!  It was nothing but fate and God's hand that brought us all together.  Diamonds now makes his home with Shelly in Bristow, OK and will be kicking butt with Shelly aboard!!!



Diamonds too has a very interesting story. He also came to me threw my Dad’s racehorse barn. My Mom and Dad picked him out at the All American Sale in Ruidoso, NM in 2003 when he was a yearling. He is out of the immortal Special Effort who is a syndicate breeding stud, costing about $40,000 and upwards to bred a mare to him before his death in 2004. Diamonds is out of a very big producing mare The Jubilee Diamond. To date she has produced 7 foals to race age with earnings of $556,057. Her biggest earner being Winners Verison (By Holland Ease) that ran out $292, 846 in winnings so far. So, Diamonds was not a cheap purchase. He was bought in a partnership between Pete Scarmardo and TI Cattle Company. From the get go he was a stinker. Shortly after they got him home from the sale he cut his back foot. After healing up Dad broke him and he was put into racehorse training. He showed big promise early on and my Dad had really high hopes for him on the track. He had a few outs as a 2 year old including 1 win in a futurity trial where he earned his register of merit. But, he got sore after a few races and was turned out to rest for the remainder of his 2 year old year.

He was brought back up and ran only a couple times his 3 year old year before coming down with EPM. The partnership that owned him decided to give him to my Dad. They knew Rooster’s history with EPM and the success we had with him and they thought if anyone could make something out of him it would be us. Dad treated him with Marquis and turned him out for the remainder of his 3-year old year. At the beginning of his 4-year old year (2006) Dad started back on him. Dad refined his racehorse handle into a functional riding handle, well a barrel handle really because at our house if they don’t race they run barrels. Dad did a lot of pasture riding on him and used him many miles as a cattle gathering and sorting horse, in other words he ‘cowboyed’ on him.

In May of 2006, my father was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. I flew home to be with him and my mother for about 10 days. My horses and rig were in California so I was bored. The only colt my Dad had was Diamonds and he was broke good and gentle. So, to pass the time I started him. He took to the barrels like a fish out of water and by the end of the 10th day he could high lope the pattern. But, I went off rodeoing at my sick father’s request and Diamonds stayed with Dad to be a ranch horse. I returned home in mid-September when Dad got really sick. So, Diamonds got to go back to the barrel pattern. Dad would ride the Kawasoki Mule down to the barrels everyday to watch me ride him and he would go on and on about how much promise he was showing. In the end Dad was not lucid all of the time. I spent the nights with my father in the hospital, so that I could go home for a few hours during the day to ride and take a shower. About 2 days before he died, my Dad had a dream about Diamonds. He woke me up and told me that he had dreamt that Diamonds would be the one I would win my Gold Buckle on. I told him that was a fantastic dream and he went back to sleep. It was the last conversation my father and I had.

It's not going too far to say that Diamonds very special and close to my heart. After Dad’s death I really put a lot into Diamond’s future. He cut himself in the shoulder on a T post in December of 2006 and was off for 6 weeks. 2007 would see Diamonds make his debut to the barrel racing arena. I ran him 4 times before I took off rodeoing in the summer of 2007. The 3rd time he ever ran the barrels won 3rd in the 1D at a jackpot. That fall when I started back running him he went straight to winning and winning we have done since then. He has won in the top 3 places at about 20 jackpots. He has placed at the amateur rodeo at Brenham, Corsicana, and Centerville. He was 17th out of 2,000 horses at the Glen Rose WBR in 2008. He is currently my back up rodeo horse and will find himself in the rodeo trailer going down the road to help in the journey to the NFR in 2009.


Diamonds with his nose in the dirt! Not his best picture or ran by any means, but a pretty crazy picture. After this he pinned his ears back and ate up the 3rd. I love this horse!

Diamonds at the CPRA Rodeo in Corsicana, TX - 1st Place

      Raise a Native-TB
    Raise Your Glass-TB  
  Special Effort    
      Double Devil
      Hijo Beuty-TB
Colllecting Diamonds      
    Runaway Winner  
      Miss Fast Chic
  The Jubile Diamond    
      Timeto ThinkRich
    Denim N Diamonds  
      Bachelor's Dream

Jones Is Jettin AKA “Pita”
2004 Sorrel Mare
Owner: Brooke Weaver


J2 Barrel Horses wants to wish Brooke Weaver and Pita the best of luck in their future together. We are looking forward to big things from this duo! When you spend as much time with these horses as Jackie does it really is a blessing to know that a horse is going to the right owner at a great home... Good Luck and Go Fast!!



Pita has a common link with Rooster, that has proven to be a winning combination in the past. She was purchased in a sale by my good friend, Angela Ganter. This time the sale was Jud Little’s Annual Barrel Prospect Sale in Ardmore, OK. Jud Little purchased Pita’s mother, Jeta Moon Rose to join is maternally powered breeding program because she made the NFR in the 90’s with Lindsay Hayes. Jeta Moon Rose was a small mare with a big heart that won at the futurities and went on to win for years as well as being very successful with more than one rider in the rodeo arena. Pita’s sire Brownie Jones comes from a long line of barrel racing winners on both the paternal and maternal sides. Pita was born to run barrels and she is living proof that you can breed horses that are born to turn!

After Angela bought her in the sale, she sent her to be rode by Casey Smith in Stephenville. He rode her for a couple months and finished breaking her out and putting a handle on her. Then, she was sent to Latrica Duke to be started on the pattern. Latrica had her about 6 weeks when she had to cut back the number of 3 year olds she had due to losing her assistant trainer, due to illness. So, Angela called me to see if I would be interested in riding her. Angela said she thought we would make a pair because we were both compact little fireballs! So, Pita (formally known as Joan Jet) came to live with me in April of 2007. She was loping the barrels but seemed to not know how to handle herself quite like I wanted her to coming out of the barrels. I slowed her down to a trot and spent a lot of time just riding her. Doing as many different things on her to as I could tobroaden her horizons. I drug a tire on her, I walked her over and around cones and logs and trail rode her a lot. When, I left for the summer I sent her to Andre Merchant who breaks all of my colts. Andre used her to pen cattle and swung a rope on her. He put lots of miles and wet saddle blankets on her that summer. When I got home I put her back on the barrels and she was where I needed her to be mentally. I ran her for the 1st time in a slot race in Alvarado in December of 2007. She ended up 6th and they paid 4. I have run her quite a bit now and she is really progressing along nicely. She is totally eaten up with barrel racing and loves it! She turns harder than any horse I have ever put my leg over. She has a different turning style, similar to Shali Lord’s Slider, where she puts her head down during the turn. Man do I ever have to HOLD ON! I am excited about this mare’s future she has all the pieces of a champion!

Pita at the WBR in Conroe... Check out the Video above...

Pita at the WBR in Conroe 2009 - 12th place in the 1D

      Jet Deck
    Pa Jones  
      Sugaree Bars

Brownie Jones

      Clabber Bar Sr.
    Cherry Clabber  
      Cathy Adair
Jones is Jettin      
      Moon Deck
    Jet Moon  
      Miss Night Bar
  Jeta Rose Moon    
      Sam's Cause
    Dodies Bootie  
      Dodie Boots