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Princess at Calgary Stampede

I have dedicated a large portion of my website to my horses. You will see this on just about every other barrel racer's website as well, for good reason. Without our horses we are nothing more than pretty girls in boots and cowboy hats, but when paired with our equine partners we can run like the wind. The horses are what make this profession and lifestyle exciting and worth while and at other times frustrating and hard to bare. But it is hard to describe the feeling I get when it all comes together, we peel the paint off of three barrels, and turn for home. Its also hard to describe the bond I build with my horses while we spend countless hours together. I can tell Princess things that I would never tell my husband or best friends and though she can't talk back sometimes it seems like she can really understand me.

From this page you can go and check out a little bit about many of my horses both past and present including my NFR mount, Rooster. There is even a page dedicated entirely to our blonde bombshell, Princess! Check it all out, I hope you enjoy it.