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French Pistol AKA “Pistol”
2006 Sorrel Gelding

Pistol is the 1st gelding of Dumplin’s that I will train. He is a big colt and more racey looking than any of Dumplin’s other babies. I think his size will be a big benefit with his breeding being Frenchmans Guy. I bred Dumplin to Frenchmans Guy in hopes of crossing the cow bloodlines on the top and the running bloodlines on the bottom would be a perfect fit. We have a fine colt to show for it. Pistol is broke and is on a short break. He will be sent back to Andre Merchant in January and I will get him back and start him on barrels in March. I will be training him and preparing him accordingly for the futurities in 2010!

      Doc's Jack Frost
      Prissy Cline
  Frenchmans Guy    
      Laughing Boy
    Frenchman's Lady  
      Casey's Ladylove
French Pistol      
      Dash For Cash
    Takin On The Cash  
      Take You On
  Takin On The Bug    
      Shawne Bug
    Miss Shawnee Deb  
      Debby Deck

Hesaoneslickonetoo AKA “Shooter”
2006 Brown Gelding

I purchased Shooter from Nicole Torturo ( Nicole had broke him and rode him about 10 times when I bought him. He was a little 2 year old at the time, but there was something about him that really caught my attention and attracted me to him. I futuritied Dumplin against the great Hesa Gay Dreamer son Rockets Day Dream and had always wanted to give one a try so when Nicole told me how Shooter was bred that sealed the deal.

About 3 days after I bought him home the whole side of his jaw became very swollen. We thought that he must be getting strangles, but it was on the side instead of underneath the jaw. A few days rocked by and it kept getting bigger and bigger. I started to think maybe it was a tooth that was abscessing, still thinking it could be strangles so I made a vet appointment. The next day it had busted and was oozing pus. So I caught him and tied him to the fence so I could inspect the wound good and clean it up and give him some antibiotic to prevent infection. When I put the water hose up to clean in off he pulled back making the halter hit the side of his face and a whole chunk of flesh fell off the side of his face! I freaked out! Half of the skin on the side of his jaw was gone, so deep that his teeth were exposed. That was a sinking feeling down deep in my gut. Come to find out Shooter had been bit by a Brown Recluse spider. Looking back now he was a little silly about his head when Nicole tried to halter him that day at her house and got in a little fuss with him. She said he never acted like that. I think he must have just been bitten. The venom of a Brown Recluse burrows in the body and eats out the flesh from the inside. Once it busted out and it was diagnosed and we started the appropriate topical and injectable medications it started healing up quickly. Shooter was such a trooper and really showed how sweet and caring of a horse he was throughout the long process of getting him healed up. He now has a small scar that will forever be a reminder of our 1st battle won together as a team. He is currently being ridden and I will start him on the barrels in March to have him ready to be entered at the futurities in 2010.

      Tiny Watch
    Tiny's Gay  
      Gay's Delight
  Hesa Gay Dreamer    
      War Chic
    Warchic's Dream  
      Lady's Gal
      One Slick One
    Slick Shadow  
      Duck 'N Dive
  Oesters Slick Skip    
    Miss Naughty  
      Raffles Daffle
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Catch The Rain AKA “Puddin”
2007 Sorrel Mare

Puddin’ is my favorite of the babies that I have out of Dumplin’. She has a perfect little baby doll head and the conformation that makes my mouth water. Everything about her says BARREL HORSE! She is spunky just like her mother, but has a very sweet side. You can tell my watching her that she is always thinking and evaluating every move that you are making and everything that is going on around her. I chose to bred to Blazin’ Jetolena because I was so impressed with him when Melanie Southern hauled him about 6 months in 2005 to help her make the NFR. He is a stout little powerhouse that has a beautiful style and was so consistent, even at the rodeos where he was lacking in experience. He was always a horse that I wished that I would’ve had the opportunity to ride. His bloodlines are proof that crossing cow bloodlines and barrel racing bloodlines can be a fruitful cross. So, I am giving that a shot! I will start doing groundwork with Puddin’ in the spring of 2009 and she will be sent to be broke in the summer of 2009. She will be a futurity horse in 2011!

dumplin and puddin
Dumplin' and Puddin' when our little philly was one day old.

      Doc O'Lena
    Lenas Sugar Daddy  
      Bit Of Sugar
  Blazin Jetolena    
      Jet Of Honor
    Blazin Jennie Jet  
      Blazing Duchess (tb)
Catch The Rain      
      Dash For Cash
    Takin On The Cash  
      Take You On
  Takin On The Bug    
      Shawne Bug
    Miss Shawnee Deb  
      Debby Deck
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Streak Along Katy AKA “Coco”
2007 Bay Mare

Coco came to me threw Adon Ranch in Gillette, WY. In August of 2008, I sold my back up horse, Mona, to Lexi Hamm. Lexi’s parents, Don and Melody Hamm, bred and raised Coco. I stayed for a few days in Gillette to help Lexi get aquainted with Mona. When I was there Don took me on a tour of there multiple thousand-acre ranch. We looked at their band of broodmares, their stud and all of their babies of different ages. I picked Coco out of a group of about 15 horses. When I looked at her she was out on about 1,000 acres. Don called the horses, lead by an older blind mare, with a bucket of oats. Coco was a little stand offish, but there was a spark in her eye I could see even from afar.

Coco’s has a great maternal line of really strong foundation bloodlines. The mare she is out of was a really good tripping and calf roping horse. Her 2nd dam, Katy Last, is about a 7/8 sister to Mel Potter’s good stud Lone Drifter, who is the producer of multiple winning barrel and roping horses. Coco’s sire belongs to another friend of mine from Gillette, Paula Fowler. Streakin’ Six horses have made a big name for themselves in the barrel racing arena, but I have never had one. I went and looked at Wave The Flag the next day and was sold on the little mare with the spark in her eye.

Coco is an outstanding mix of running bloodlines on the top and good foundation cow bloodlines on the bottom, a great addition to our barrel program and later in our band of broodmares. Coco just joined our future champions at J2 barrel horses at the end of November of 2008. In the last month her looks are really starting to change, as she adapts to her new home and new playmates (Puddin’ and one of Tammy’s phillies, Blondie). I will start doing groundwork with her this spring and she will be sent off this summer to be broke. She will be a futurity horse in 2011!

      Easy Six
    Steakin Six  
      Miss Assured
  Wave The Flag    
      Raise Your Glass
    Dream So Real  
      Corporate Queen
Steak Along Katy      
      Tio Red
    Steve Tucker  
      Sissy Harris
  Adons Roan Katy    
      Driftwood Ike
    Katy Last  
      Katy Mas
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Straight Up Martini (Pending) AKA “Martini”
2008 Sorrel Stud

Martini is Dumplin’s latest addition to the J2 barrel horse team. He is beautiful little powerhouse! He is almost as wide as he is tall right now. He has the signature ‘Hank’ head on a knock out body. I was considering leaving him as a stud prospect, but even as an early yearling he is acting very “studdish” so he will be a gelding very soon. I just don’t think he would be fun to work with or be able to concentrate on his job down the road if left him a stud, so that is the end of that idea. He is up in a stall right now after being weaned in late fall, being handled daily. He will be turned out soon to hang out, be fed well and grow up to be a big, strong, barrel racing machine!

      Snazzy Man
    Snazzy Hank  
      Fashion Rose
  Letta Hank Do It    
    Slash J Harletta  
      Frog's Annette
Straight Up Martini      
      Dash For Cash
    Takin On The Cash  
      Take You On
  Takin On The Bug    
      Shawne Bug
    Miss Shawnee Deb  
      Debby Deck
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