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I Gotta Lead AKA “Leader”
2004 Sorrel Gelding
Owned by Shelly Weaver

Leader just came to join the J2 barrel team March 16, 2009. Leader did good as a futurity horse last year. He was trained by Lance Graves and ridden by Pete Oen. He placed in both rounds and the average at the Juvenile futurity in Oklahoma City, placed at the LG Classic and made the short go at Ft Smith. My good friend, Shelly Weaver, bought Leader in August of 2008 and after a couple runs decided Leader needed to be more solid before she was ready to take over piloting him full time. That is where I come in. Leader will be in my trailer for the next couple years being seasoned to the rodeos, going to jackpots and finishing out his derby career. Our goal with Leader is to get him good and solid and ready for Shelly to fill her WPRA permit and go for Rookie of the Year.

Leader is quite a character and full of personality. He is always into something or thinking he needs to be in the middle of something he shouldn’t be. He is a stinker! He is very quite to ride and I have really been spending a lot of time with him, just getting to know him and building a good strong, trusting relationship with him. He is the kind of horse that really thrives off of a lot of attention so that is exactly what he is getting. He is incredibly fast and really turns hard. He is still young and can get himself in a little bit of trouble here or there because he doesn’t know the limits of his own ability. I feel like my ability to ride and direct him in the right way threw the pattern is going to be very vital for a while until Leader gets his confidence rock solid. I can really feel him depend on me a lot during a run to really guide him in the right direction. We have had some early success and I think that as he and I really learn to trust and depend on each other it is only going to sky rocket! He has a tremendous amount of raw talent and enough spunk and grit to make a rodeo horse so I am very excited and honored that Shelly is letting me be a part of developing Leader into a rodeo champion.

Leader is now my officially by back up horse, my number 2! He has been thrown in the rodeo trailer and is getting his feet wet with all the of the difference circumstances and challenges that rodeo brings. I have him in a pasture right next to Rooster so he can talk to him daily and share some of his secrets! I expect him to catch on really fast and start contributing to making the NFR 2009 very soon!

Leader in Sealy - 3/24/2009 - 1st Place in 1D

Leader in Salado - 3/29/2009 - 3rd Place 1D

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I Gotta Lead      


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Black Betty

Black Betty Bug AKA “Black Betty”
2005 Brown Mare

This mare was born shortly after my 2nd trip to the NFR, where they played the instrumental beginning to the classic song “Black Betty” each night when I ran. She was coal black when she was born, so I found it fitting that she bear the name that reminded me of running in the Thomas and Mack every time I say or hear it.

Black Betty is gonna make me famous. That is what I have told my Mom since about the 3rd time I ever rode her. She is the first foal out of my broodmare that I have kept and started. I sold the first foal (Wormy) to fund the breeding and raising of Dumplin’s babies. Betty is a challenge daily, but the spark and athletic ability that I see in her makes it all worth it. She is a carbon copy of her mother, Dumplin, and that excites me.

Betty is a big mare, nearing 16 hands and she just turned 4. Nevertheless, she is very quick footed, light on her feet, and agile. She is one of the easiest horses I have ever started on barrels. She took to it right away and progressed very quickly. The amazing thing is she had a very distinctive style from the very beginning. That is something a horse normally develops months or years down the road. Betty had her style from the get go, and her style is almost identical to Dumplin’s! She’s very bendy in the turn and naturally rates herself for every turn, every time. She is very light mouthed and tricky about the bridle you put on her. She prefers only a smooth mouthpiece and cannot tolerate the bit to gag much at all.

My biggest challenge right now with her is not on the barrel pattern or even when I haul her to a jackpot. Even there, when you go down the alley she is all business, knows her job and hunts the barrels. Betty’s biggest downfall is pasture riding. She is scared of absolutely everything and is not my any means a pleasurable ride. But I am determined to ride every square inch of our 200 acres and explore every ‘booger’ out there until she gets over it.

Betty reminds me daily of how much I miss my Dad and what a valuable part of my program he was. My Dad always rode my colts before me, and when I got on them, they were a pleasure. They had a wonderful handle on them and were over all the ‘baby’ stuff that I am battling. It is teaching me lots of patience to say the least. Yet I remind myself daily that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Black Betty is worth the blood, sweat and tears because I believe in my heart that she is a diamond in the rough. I will get to rewarded for my hard work and effort 100 fold if she turns out to be the kind of horse I believe in my heart she will be!

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Black Betty Bug      
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Mailyn Monroe

Hanks Sweet Label AKA “ Marilyn Monroe”
2002 Palomino Mare

I bought Marilyn Monroe from Henry & Linda Bowlan who now own and stand Letta Hank Do It. I picked her out because she when she trotted off she picks her back legs up and travels exactly like Princess. That sealed the deal. Marilyn’s bloodlines are also are a big plus for me. Of course on top she is by the same stud as my beloved Princess. But, her maternal lines are just as eye catching to me. St Bar was also the maternal sire of Rio. Also, Shawnee Bug is the maternal line of Dumplin. So, Marilyn is of both bloodlines on the maternal side of two of the greatest horses I have ever ridden, a BIG plus!

Marilyn is a beautiful mare. She is wide as a mack truck and is a very muscularly built mare. She has great bone under her and perfect conformation. She is very laid back and super smart. She is so easy to work with and she absorbs everything you show her and retains it. I know from past experience with this type of horse that I have to teach her EXACTLY the way I want her to do it, because she is so trainable that she will do and remember every single thing you do with her. She will be a futurity horse in 2009 and is my resident ‘lefty’ at J2 barrel horses. She is feather light when you take her threw the barrels and does the pattern effortlessly. I have really high hopes for this mare’s future!

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Marilyn in Salado - 3/29/2009

Marilyn in Sealy - 3/24/2009

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    Snazzy Hank  
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    Slash J Harletta  
      Frog's Annette
Hanks Sweet Label      
      Three Bars (tb)
    St. Bar  
      Bella St Mary
  Label Me Sweet    
      Chingle (tb)
      Shawnee Chick