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October 17, 2009

To say it has been a while since we have updated the site would be an understatement. It has been over 2 months and there has been little to report. The 2010 professional rodeo season is upon us as of October 1st things are rolling again. 2009 started with a bang and ended with a lack luster summer that proved to be very difficult with a lot happening both inside and out of the arena. There were still a few highlights from this summer but all in all we are looking forward to a big new season!

In August Princess had a little surgery which has put her on in the pasture for a couple months. She is doing better and looking forward to swimming and exercising soon. Leader has proven time and again that he is very talented as he has carried much of the work load for Jackie over the last couple of months. He will continue to carry Jackie this fall and into the winter as Princess recovers. He is entered in the Charmayne James Race in Vegas at the beginning of December and the next weekend he will compete at the BFA World Championships Derby in Oklahoma City. Not to mention the WPRA Finals in Tulsa and WBR year end event in Waco. We are very excited about his progress and looking forward to him playing a larger role in the 2010 season.

Our two 4-year old mares, Betty and Marilyn, got a break over the summer and are getting back into the swing of things. A couple of weekends ago Marilyn crossed the timer with the fastest run of the weekend with over 450 runs with some pretty tough competition in Giddings. They will both be competing this fall at a couple of futurities and in Oklahoma City as well. There are four 3-year olds on the ranch right now that Jackie is riding. Pistol, Shooter, Sony, and Daisy are all coming along great as well as one of Jackie's favorites, our 2-year old philly, Puddin'. She is out of our brood mare, Dumplin' and is already showing signs of being very talented, level headed, and hopefully, a great barrel horse.

With all that happened this summer I never had a chance to mention that one of the greatest all around horses to ever grace the Dube Ranch passed away. He was a grey gelding named Ghost. Jack and Peggy got ghost a few months after Jackie was born in 1980 as a 2 year old. Jackie, Peggy, and Tammy have told me dozens of stories about Ghost. Jackie and Tammy both rode youth rodeoed a little on Ghost and Jack broke literally hundreds of racing colts on Ghost. He made all the trips to Ruidoso, NM with the family over the summer. There are many, many pictures of girls and Jack with ghost. He spent his last few years in the run with Jackie's Rooster spreading his equine wisdom to the once great barrel horse and occasionally getting saddled for small nieces and nephews. This little tidbit did nowhere near the justice his memory deserves. We will have a section for him soon on the Former Horses page. Rooster now has our 2 yearlings in his pasture with him, Martini and Tricky. We are sure that he is imparting the wisdom gained from Ghost to the young colts.

Check out the new sponser SOFT RIDE BOOTS! Check back soon for more updates including Diary Posts, Etc. Until Next Time... GO FAST!!

~Lane Jatzlau

August 6, 2009

Jackie always tells me that Rodeo is like a roller coaster with lots of ups, downs, twists, and turns and its best when you just hold on and try to have have fun (and go real fast). Well this year has been a bigger roller coaster than the "Texas Giant" at Six Flags Over Texas with a big upside during the winter season with the girls winning big and frequently only to have a pitfall the likes to which no roller coaster in the world can compare. Then to have a big up in Calgary with more ups and downs along the way. It can be a bumpy ride...

Jackie had a good week a couple of weeks ago in Utah. She won over $5,000 on Princess and made some great runs including a 2nd place performance at Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork. She had a little tough luck last week ending at Dodge City. She made some good runs but came up a little or short or tipped one over. This week has been good so far. See what I mean about a roller coaster...

Jackie made a real strong run in Yuma, CO on Leader and ran a 17.17 which was winning 1st though all girls minus one performance by about a half a second. A SMOKIN' RUN. Check it out HERE on YouTube. They are in New Mexico today, Oklahoma tomorrow, and leaving the horses and dogs in Colorado and coming home for a few days this weekend. It's been about a month since I've seen Jackie and I am pumped she's going to get a chance to come home before stayng out the rest of the summer.

Check out the new DIARY post. Also, be looking for a Tshirt that we will be selling on this site and Tammy's site in which all proceeds will go to the Riley Key Memorial Scholorship Fund. I hope all is well. Until next time, Good Luck and Go Fast!

~ Lane Jatzlau

July 16, 2009

Calgary treated the girls very well. Tammy won the rodeo and check for over $100,000. Jackie made runs on both Princess and Leader, who showed that he is both capable and ready to run with the big boys and girls. Jackie brought home over $15,000 during her trip to the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth."

No rest for the weary as the girls, with Mom, Peggy, took of right after the trophy presentation in Calgary back to Montana to try and put the pieces of their rig back together and get ready for a very full week. Some friends brought Jackie's trailer from Giddings to the girls in Montana. Tammy and Brian picked up the Peterbilt and they unpacked then repacked the trailer before pointing the rig towards Wyoming.

The first go at Cheyenne Fronteir Days was during the slack on Tuesday and went fairly well for both Jackie and Tammy. Jackie ran Leader again, who is beginning to show that he really likes running in those big outdoor pens. They crossed the eye with an 18-flat for a 3 way tie at 22. Tammy ran a 17.99. They will head back next Friday for the 2nd run and are both looking good in the average with another decent performance.

After Cheyenne the girls headed towards Nampa, ID for a perfmance on Wednesday night. Jackie jumped back on Princess. They were a little tad rusty and hit the 1st barrel, but Princess felt good. This was good because she has a lot of work to do still this week.

Today is the first day of the Salinas Rodeo and it has been a long drive to get there. Calgary to Montana to Cheyenne to Idaho and in to California. In 3 days... And people think they have it easy... Jackie and Princess made a good run are sitting right near the top after their first run. Tammy had a little tough luck and drug one over. There is a lot of Salinas Rodeo left over the next few days. Not only does it pay very well but it's also a Wrangler Million Dollar Tour Rodeo and winning here is important. Check back for results and Run Princess Run!!

If you missed the first Calgary video we had posted check the Videos page. Also I created a page that has a few pics of Riley and some info about his scholorship fund. The link is Below. I also added a quick note from a girl who attended one of Jackie's Clinics in the Clinic Section.

Last but not least check out the awesome painting at the bottom of the page. They look like superheros to me... HA!

~ Lane Jatzlau

July 10, 2009

Needless to say this summer has been the hardest one Jackie has ever had in her rodeo career.Though everything is minor next to the unimaginable tragedy of loosing our beloved nephew to a horrible accident, Jackie and Tammy have had to jump one hurdle after another. The beautiful trailer they started pulling this summer is now out of commision with some bad axels (Thank you so much to Shelly Murphey who let the girls borrow her new trailer and her barn to keep their excess stuff). Then on the way to Calgary the engine on the Peterbilt decided it had enough rodeo for the summer (Thank you so much to Maria Gee for allowing us to use your truck, after they dropped her off for work of course... HA!). Jackie and Tammy spent the 4th of July run trying to hold everything together and just taking it one day at a time. The girls got to Calgary on July 6th and things have gone a little better. Jackie has won $6000 in Pool B and Tammy tied for 2nd in the group with $12,500. Jackie will run in the Wild Card tomorrow to try and make the Finals on Sunday (Tammy has made it through already). She has run Princess twice and Leader twice. Calgary is a super tough Rodeo. It is flat out the greatest outdoor show in all of rodeo. It is quite the spectical. If you ever have a chance to go take it... it is fantastic. The way the people and businesses of Calgary imbrace this event is amazing!!

Look above to see a smokin' run from the new J-Squared Superstar, LEADER and his 2nd Place run at the Calgary Stampede versus some of the best of the best... He is awesome and we are so proud to have him in our trailer!! Thank you Shelly!

Check out the Diary page for a quick update!

Last but not least we want to thank all of our friends and family for their thoughts and prayers. Its been tough... That's an huge understatement...
But we have the greatest friends in the world. We love you all and appreciate you so very much. I don't know where we would be without you.

~ Lane Jatzlau


June 8, 2009

The past 6 or 7 months have been very busy and exciting for us! 2008 ended with Jackie and Princess having a great start to the new rodeo season and hopefully laying a great foundation for Jackie's 3rd trip to the National Finals in Vegas in December. When the new year started we were really looking forward to all the possibilities this season could hold but still staying focused to handle the current job at hand...Go fast and win checks! January saw the 2 blondes winning money at 3 of 4 rodeos they competed in including almost $5,000 at the National Western Stock Show in Denver where Jackie and Princess made a great run in their first of many short-goes in 2009. The girls continued their winning ways at 3 of 4 rodeos in February as well. This month saw a great performance at San Antonio where Jackie and Princess brought home just under $6,000 and made another Championship Saturday. Jackie layed her head on her pillow a couple times in February knowing that if they updated the WPRA World Standings that day her name would be at the very top. This month also saw Jackie and her sister Tammy number 1 and 2 in the world at one point which was very exciting for us all be it short-lived. After San Antone the eyes of the rodeo world turn to the spectacular Rodeo Houston in March but Jackie and Princess had a little bit of business to take care of before we pointed the rig Southeast towards Houston.

March 2009 started very, very quickly for Team Tiara. On March 1st at about 9:00am in the morning Jackie and Princess won the WBR Megabucks race in Conroe, TX to bring home a total purse for the weekend of over $10,000. This was a great pre-cursor to what we might see in Houston. Jackie start Rodeo Houston with a bang, winning her first 2 rounds in her Super Series only losing the series average title with a tipped barrel in the 3rd go. Despite the hit barrel Jackie and Princess would make it through to the Semi's then on the the Finals for another Short-Go Round. All in all they left Houston with $5,000. The $50,000 championship will have to wait until 2010.

March also saw the addition and subtraction to the team at J-Squared Barrel Horses. Diamonds and Pita went up the road to Oklahoma while Leader came from Oklahoma to our ranch in Giddings, TX. April and May were very busy months. It was the beginning of "Jackie Jatzlau Barrel Racing Clinics" for Spring 2009. April and May would see Jackie traveling just about every weekend all across the US and Canada putting on her signature clinics. This Spring saw her in Pennsyvania, Idaho, Alberta, Utah, Oklahoma, then Ohio. She would squeeze in a few rodeos during this time also, mainly on Leader who will be her #2 as long as he is with us. Leader is growing and maturing wonderfully into what we believe will be a top notch rodeo horse in the future. They made a the short go at the Old Fort Days Derby and ended up 11th overall versus some very strong competition.

April and May also saw the wonders of modern vet medicine at work when both of Princess's palomino colts were born to recipient mares at the Jud Little Ranch in Ardmore, OK. We are very excited about these babies! The process is in full effect in 2009 with the same result expected next year! As many of you know the rodeo season moves away from Texas in June and Jackie and Tammy will hit the trail hard again with their faithful mounts Princess and Roundpen. We are hoping for big things so check back frequently for updates!! As always "Good Luck and Go Fast!!" We hope to see you out on the Rodeo Trail!!

~ Lane Jatzlau


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