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Jackie at OK Clinic in 2008

When my Dad passed away in 2006 I realized how lucky I was growing up to have such a knowledgable coach and mentor all my life. But, I have really struggled since then trying to refine my riding and training techniques to problem solve through all of the ups and downs that each and every barrel racer goes through with their horses. It has made me realize how much valuable information my father taught me over the years and how truly remarkable his way with a horse was. As a way to carry on my father's knowledge and legacy I am passing on this information to anyone with an open mind and a willing heart that loves barrel racing and horses in general. I love meeting, talking, problem solving and teaching people and their equine partners so I set aside as much time as I can physically make in my hectic rodeo schedule to teach barrel racing horsemanship clinics throughout the US and Canada (so far, I hope to expand in the future!).

My clinics are two days packed with as much learning as your mind can absorb. Day one primarily focuses on horsemanship. This is the foundation and the building block for everything you do on the barrel pattern. Growing up my Dad and I always worked on fundamental every day. It not only kept my horses sharp and responsive, but it also helped me learn to be consistent in my hand cues. I have found that so many barrel racers focus so much on the pattern, that they over look the basics that make such a difference. I teach students simple exercises that can be used in daily preparation to help horse and rider be prepared and 'on the same page' when it comes time to compete.

The facts are this. No person can MAKE a horse turn, they have to want to. Simple physics tells us that a human is 1/10th the weight and size of a horse. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you can't out muscle a horse. There has to be precise and consistent lines of communcation between horse and rider. To have these and to avoid confusion in your horse you must be aware of how, when and what you are telling your horse to do. I think this is a basic component most riders need to improve upon . They don't get the results they want from their horse (mainly in the arena) but it is their lack of communication or comunicating the wrong things that are the cause of their problems. I teach a simple, easy and consistent method of riding that helps you as a rider get the results you want from your horse.

I believe in training and riding with lots of patience and repetition. I do not use the intemidation method in my training. My horses are well behaved and work for me willingly. I think the key to making great barrel horses is befriending them and teaching them to love and crave running barrels. I believe perfect practice makes perfect. The difference between a good barrel horse and a great barrel horse is simply the consistency of practice, hard work and a good rider.

I don't believe the way I teach and ride is the only way to do thing, it is simply what works best for me. I continue to learn and evolve my barrel racing daily. I have learned so much about myself and my riding by teaching clinics. Everything I do makes practical sense and there is a reason behind each method I use. I am willing to answer as many questions as you can come up with and will work with you until you have that 'lightbulb' moment where everything comes together! I would love to meet and work with you, please check my clinic schedule to find a clinic near you!

Until then....keep working hard, if you don't someone will pass you by!