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Jackie and Mule
Yes, she will even ride your mule!

Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general schedule for the clinic?

Friday: Most clinic hosts will have a meet and greet Friday night. This is a time set aside for everyone to meet each other and for me to meet you. This is an introduction to what will go on for the next two days at the clinic. Everyone is really encouraged to attend this if at all possible. It really helps to get nerves and jitters out of the way before the clinic starts. This will be an interactive discussion about expectations, goals for the clinic and for you to suggest specific areas or problems for me to highlight on during the clinic. This also helps me become aquatinted with the clinic group to help personalize the direction of the clinic to meet the needs of each student!

Saturday: The clinic will start with a mock jackpot that will be video taped for my critique and evaluation. This will also help me see you and your horse work together to get a better idea of where your strengths and weaknesses may be as a team. This will help me to personalize your one on one time to maximize your learning! After the jackpot students will unsaddle their horses and we will have a meeting for 2 hours to discuss the fundamental drills that will be our focus on day 1. These fundamental horsemanship exercises will be the building blocks for our work on the barrel pattern. You will be introduced to my method of 'hand work' to cue your horses. This will be vital to riding your horse correctly when doing the barrel pattern. You will spend a lot of time in the saddle today, but there will be no point at which you will do the whole pattern. This is a relaxed setting for you and your horse to work on drills that will help you in day to day preparation for competition. There is a lot of information to be taken in on day 1 so be prepared to learn a lot. We will apply all these concepts on day 2, but an open mind and a willing attitude on day 1 will put you one step ahead of the game.

Sunday: Today is filled with barrels, barrels and more barrel work. The day will start with a 2 hour meeting. This will be a reflection of yesterday and a discussion for what you learned after you have had the night to think things over. This will also be a time to ask questions you might have thought of after the clinic concluded yesterday. Also, it will be an introduction to applying the concepts from yesterday to the barrel pattern today. I will be there every step of the way today to help you learn the 'perfect pattern.' Perfect practice makes perfect runs. That will be the focus today. Learning how to cue your horse to set them up to make perfect turns will be your main goal today. There will be lots of one on one time for you today. I will also ride every horse at the clinic towards the end of today. You can video this to take home to evaluate and learn from in the future. I am a firm believer in visual tools. Sometimes just seeing someone else ride your horse can make all the difference in the world. This will also help me personalize pointers for you and your horse as an individual. The day will end with another mock jackpot followed by video critique and evaluation.

Who are my clinics best suited for?

My techniques are the same from start to finish. Therefore, clinics are open and helpful to any age or level of rider as well as horses of any age or level. This includes beginners who are looking to develop good habits from the start. Intermediate riders who have problems they need help solving or habits they need help identifying and working threw. Also, experienced riders who are looking to shave off that last little bit of time or learning how to stay on top.

How much one on one time does each student get?

I do all the teaching myself. I will be right there with you each step of the way to make sure that you are doing each exercise properly and correct you and make suggestions. As I see you work with your horse I will be able to problem solve with you and identify potential weaknesses for you to work on. I will answer each question asked and will be willing to stay after the set hours of the clinic until each student's questions have been answered and they have worked threw any problems they are having.

Will Jackie ride each horse at the clinic?

YES! I will ride each student's horse towards the end of the 2nd day. That way I can 'feel' your horse on the pattern and give you personal advice and pointers to tweak your program for individual horse and rider.

How many students per clinic?

15 students is the maximum so that each student will be able to get one on one attention and so that it does not take as much time for each student to do every exercise during the clinic.

Can I bring more than one horse?

Yes. It cost $100 for a student to bring an extra horse. You will be responsible for switching horses during each exercise so that you will get to do each activity on each horse.

Do the clinics allow spectators?

Yes, but I really discourage prospective students to just come and spectate. It really makes a huge difference in the learning process for you to be able to try out the concepts I teach you AND your horse. Many times a rider will think they are doing it just as I have taught it but their hand may not be positioned exactly correctly. It is a huge benefit for me to be right there with you in the learning process for 2 days to help you master the concepts I am teaching so that you can take them home and help you make winning runs in the future!

How do I get a Jackie Jatzlau clinic in my area?

I try to set aside as many weekends a year as I can to teach clinics. My clinics will be grouped in the spring (April and May) and the fall (October and November) of each year. This is the only time that my rodeo schedule will allow me to sneak away! If you are interested in me coming to your area and don't see that I am already scheduled there you can email me at for details!!!