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Jackie in Tulsa
Day 1 of a J2 Clinic discussing hand position with students.

This page is all about clinics that Jackie has done in the past. You will see some pictures and write-ups from people who put on the clinics and maybe even a few from Jackie. If you have a clinic in your area we hope you get a chance to attend!


Towanda, PA - April 4 & 5, 2009

PA Clinic 2009

- Connie Schwartz - Towanda, PA Clinic Organizer -

"Jackie Jatzlau is a remarkable horsewoman and is truly gifted when it comes to riding and training barrel horses. I had the privilege and the honor to meet Jackie when I hosted her clinic here in Towanda, Pennsylvania over this past weekend. Everyone was very excited to meet her and to hear what she had to say. Not only is she super knowledgeable when it comes to horses but she truly enjoys sharing what she knows by passing that knowledge on to others through teaching. To me a good teacher is someone that makes it easy and simple to understand and that is what Jackie does."

"I think my favorite part of the entire weekend was when she rode everyone’s horses. To see a person get on 15 horses at different levels and run them through the pattern without ever riding these horses before and do it successfully was proof to me that this lady can ride and knows horses probably better than anyone I have ever met in my 40 yrs of being around horses. On the second day of the clinic, even though she says it takes 30 days to develop new habits, everyone had improved even me and my 'I don’t want to run' horse! I feel pretty confident in saying that I don’t think anyone left the clinic feeling confused or unsure about something because Jackie spent a lot of one on one time with each student in order to make sure they understood what she was teaching them."

"I really learned a lot from Jackie and will put everything she taught me into my training program. She is an inspiration without a doubt and I want her to know that I wish her the best of luck this year and the years to follow on the rodeo trail. We will all be rooting for you when you run at the NFR this year on your beautiful palomino horse Princess! RUN PRINCESS RUN!!"


~ A Letter from Idaho

By no means am I a super spiritual person, but I had been praying all summer for one of my idols to show up to Idaho to teach a clinic. I know that I am behind the game and I needed a teacher to show me some good old fashioned tricks. Like most of you reading this story, I have been riding horses all my life, but now I have finally started to pursue my dreams of running professional, with the best of the best. I was day dreaming looking on the internet for a barrel racing clinic that would be worth my hard earned money. Every time I look I check out the greats websites in hopes for a clinic to show up in Idaho. As I was checking the schedule on Jackie's website I noticed that she was having a clinic in north Idaho. This was 8 hours away, but I was bound and determined to make the drive. Heck it sounds far, but it's a lot closer then a drive to Texas. Anyhow, I know this is cheesy, but when I saw Jackie I was in awe. She looked like a regular person, just short with huge boobs. (HE HE) Anyhow, it was actually her, trainer and owner of some of the best barrel horses in the nation. The "Wild Child" was in front of me!! I know this is dorky, but I was lost for words. I have read about her time and time again in a variety of publications: AQHA magazine with Rooster that blue hat with red stars made by Shorty's, multiple NFR qualifier and futurity winner....WOW! I watch that run NFR run with Rooster at least once a week, it gives me chills every time.

The clinic was amazing I have gone to several clinics in my lifetime, but not one like this. She helped bring my dream to reality instead of it being so out of reach. This clinic changed my life and perspective, not just my barrel racing.

Jackie got on everyone's horse and my horse dove into the barrel and hit it, but it was OK. It's very easy to sit and watch and say, do this do that. I guess even champions hit barrels.

During the clinic she got a phone call from a friend that had a horse get hurt, so naturally this friend was going to turn out of a huge 4D race, but Jackie convinced her to enter with another horse. That girl won a car. Jackie said she was gonna cry, I guess champions cry for friends that win, too.

I told Jackie my dream is to be the oldest rookie of the year, I know it's not much but it's a start and it's my dream and no one can tell you otherwise.

I entered a large 4 D barrel race, my first ever. I cringed after I found out the enteries were $200. I just couldn't pay it so I had a friend take my check book and pay it for me. The first day I did not win any money, but I was OK with that I had a blast and tomorrow I was pickin' up a check. The second go started and I pictured Jackie in my head SLH gave it all I had and did well. I watched all 130 entries after me to watch others techniques so that I can learn from them to improve my style. After the race was over my name was called and I placed in the 3D $306 bucks. Because of the format I qualified for the Finals round and I thought I was gonna throw up because of excitment and nerves. I ran again and even better, because Jackie was in my head cheering me on and chewing my ass. You can't let down a legend. Announcements were made, I was 5th and won another $270. and a hoofpick. I had to leave for work so I forgot my check, but you bet your butt I called NBHA headquarters and told them I was so jacked I won a hoofpick. The lady on the other end laughed and was happy for me. I ended up .003 away from winning that saddle. Just like my friend that knows nothing about horses says, well that just means that you will win that saddle next time. :)

For a girl without a truck, without a trailer I have a long haul ahead of me, but I can do it.

Jackie brush of that pink hat because you are gonna need it in December. I will be cheering you on the whole way. I check your page for updates and Lane you do a mighty fine job. Run Princess Run! Ride Jackie Ride!

Jessie Jo Metcalf
(the girl that was impatient in North Idaho)